Legal Action

It is not always easy to resolve technical problems. Sometimes clients are forced to resort to legal action. In these situations, it is essential that legal advisers are well briefed, especially on the technology.

In almost every case, clients cannot produce a detailed, chronological document for lawyers to consider. Often a lot of time (and money) is wasted until lawyers can clearly see what the issues really are.

Sometimes due to pressure of time, the claim is either not pursued, or not pursued effectively, due to the quality of the information provided by the client.

A client approached his lawyer for legal advice and was told that no cost-effective action could be taken against the computer supplier, as the issues were complex and the terms of the contract unclear.

Useful Solutions was called in to assist the client.

Our analysis revealed a different story and legal action was taken by our client.

A detailed, chronological document was prepared, including the details of the contracts involved, expert witnesses were located and briefed.

This all saved our client a significant amount of money and allowed pressure to be applied to the other party to comply with the court's strict time-lines.

The matter was favourably concluded for the benefit of our client.

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