A clothing client had just purchased new accounting software and due to inappropriate equipment selection and poor system implementation, their business was in a mess.

After conducting a Business Process Analysis, we determined that the equipment was inappropriate for the client’s needs, so it was replaced.

We arranged for the software to be set up again, this time by the software developers; we wrote customised documentation, as the client found the supplied manual hard to follow and the staff were properly trained this time.

Part of the business was local manufacture and instructions to the various makers were tediously hand-written on a complex pre-printed form. As it required expertise and training, only a few people could do it and the process was very time consuming. The fashion software was adapted with a special report written to replace the hand-written complex instructions to the makers.

Now anyone could generate these forms and it significantly sped up the entire production process.

We designed and provided a number of customised reports that proved invaluable to their business.

Some examples were:

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