An importer was unable to send or receive emails for days.

This was a major impact on their business as it totally revolved around the Internet and their ability to communicate overseas.

Investigation revealed that they had an in-house mail server that had filled up with unwanted emails, some to staff members who were no longer employed by the company.

We also discovered that they had a very slow Internet connection and an expensive Internet access plan and Web hosting service.

A more cost-effective Internet Service Provider was set up together with a plan that was at least three times faster and significantly cheaper than their old one.

Similarly with Web and email hosting, the client was moved to a less expensive and more robust off-site system that provided 24/7 maintenance, redundancy and excellent support.

Enquiring about their other systems revealed that the client was using an inappropriate accounting software and ‘making do’ with some out-dated equipment.

We recommended an appropriate accounting system and a much faster network.

A set of management tools was also developed, to provide easy-to-follow information to better manage their business, including the tracking of overseas production..

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