Staff at a Melbourne law firm took too long to produce documents and they had problems emailing large contracts.

Although all of the secretaries were adept at word processing, documents took too long to produce, frustrating the partners.

To solve the problem, we designed and developed document automation, which significantly improved productivity around the office.

They also had problems sending large contracts and documents to other lawyers during regular negotiations, so we set up the means to enable them to quickly email long contracts and large documents.


Another area of our consultancy is assistance with the resolution of disputes which can sometimes arise between clients and either software or hardware vendors.

The ideal way to resolve these disputes is with the assistance of an IT consultant who not only has computer expertise, but also has a sound business background.

This approaches the problem from both a pragmatic business and technical perspective. All emotion and the legal position of the parties are temporarily put aside.

The goal is not to determine who is right or wrong, but to identify the problems and bring about a timely and cost-effective resolution, thus avoiding litigation. Here are some examples of our work:

Problems resolved without legal action
Legal action taken

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