A wholesaler had many problems with their accounting system and they also thought that a new network and file server were required, as both were quite old.

After a review of their network and accounting system we advised them that although not brand new, their existing hardware just needed some upgrades and it was fine for at least another two years.

They had, however, significant data corruptions and their software was several versions out-of-date. This was the result of not having competent support for some time.

Accordingly, we installed the current version of their software, reconfigured it and fixed their data corruptions.

As this client used another company to supply and maintain their equipment, we could only recommend the needed equipment upgrades and power stabilisation.

This significantly improved network performance and removed the cause of the data corruptions.

Once their system was stable and performing satisfactorily, we developed a number of tools, all fully documented and staff trained in their use.

Some of these were tools that allowed:

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