Food Industry

A food manufacturer had major data corruptions, invoices had incorrect customer details and missing items, reports were not printing correctly, or at all. They were forced to produce manual invoices using Excel spreadsheets.

Investigation revealed that their system was susceptible to data corruption, so power stabilisation was recommended, which eliminated the problem.

We also observed three people spending up to half an hour every afternoon sorting over 200 invoices in preparation for deliveries the following morning.

To eliminate this, their normal invoices were replaced with a computer report producing complete replicas of their invoices, automatically sorted into the required sequence.

Another problem was that the packing of orders took too long.

An experienced person had to check each invoice, select the right customer and calculate the number of cartons that would be required to pack each order into.

The customer selection took time and the calculations were not always correct, so additional labels had to quickly be printed, out of sequence, further slowing down the work-flow that was already under significant pressure.

This problem was solved by adding barcodes to the bottom of each invoice, so any of the unskilled packers could scan the invoices and automatically produce the required customer labels and the correct number of carton labels every time.

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