Education and Training

Useful Solutions was called in to assist an education and training facility with their network, file server and VoIP that were all causing problems, making it difficult to run their operation.

We conducted an audit of their system and advised them that they did not actually need a file server and so we set up an effective storage device, saving them money.

They had a slow in-house mail server, so we set up remote email hosting together with Website hosting, all for less than they were paying and their VoIP was moved from an unreliable provider to a more robust business service at a lower cost.

We also transferred their Domain Name Hosting, because they were paying too much for that too and now they were paying a quarter of their previous outlay.

During the review, we were also told that they lost data and although they were dutifully rotating tapes each day, they actually did not have any backups. We set up external hard disks and unattended backups of their data every night.

They had slow Internet access, so we arranged a faster, more robust Business Broadband service, at a lower cost.

A number of their clients came to class with their own laptop computers wanting to plug them in to the network, so we recommended a Wireless Modem/Router and this way none of their clients had to physically attach their laptops to the network.

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