Solved without Legal Action

A large company had invested a significant amount of money in a computer system and was having major on-going problems affecting its business.

The dispute was complicated because there were three different companies involved and each was blaming the others for the problems.

As little or no progress was being made, the client sought legal advice.

It soon became apparent to the lawyer that a lack of clear documentation made it difficult to provide meaningful advice to the client.

Useful Solutions was called in to assist.

Our first task was to analyse the computer system and match its functions with the needs of the business. All of the problems were then documented and a meeting was sought with the relevant technical staff to resolve the issues.

There was no discussion of who was right or wrong, or whose fault it was. Instead, detailed prioritised action plans were drawn up for each of the technical staff and the dispute turned into a technical project.

Useful Solutions provided the project management and coordination, liaising with all parties to ensure a timely and successful resolution of the problems.

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